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Social TrendSpotter is a weekly blog and 24/7 social media platform, which features bite-size posts that provide you with the latest trends and ideas within the social sector. Social TrendSpotter merges the current thinking with the edge of innovation to inspire, to encourage, to educate and – ultimately – to create a better sector. Social TrendSpotter includes original analysis, but also highlights the latest sector-wide thinking into a user-friendly resource where the interested can visit and draw inspiration, cross-pollinate, and provoke their own new thinking.

We look to highlight trends and then, more importantly, to explore them with you. We want you – as the best “Social TrendSpotters” – to share your experiences, observations and suggestions with us as we build the social sector together. We want Social TrendSpotter to become a key resource for you and your team, so feel free to bookmark and share it. Or, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for the latest posting.

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5 Easy Steps to Boost Your Organization’s Performance through Core Values

We are always on the look-out for trends, especially positive trends from the for-profit space to incorporate into nonprofit settings. Recently, we have heard a lot about great corporate cultures like those of Zappos and technology companies. When we dissect … Continue reading