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Can Nonprofits Lobby? The Answer is YES!

Shortly before Congress left for Easter/Passover recess, 4,500 charitable nonprofits, including religious institutions, and foundations came together to stand against new legislation that could destroy the nonpartisan nature of charitable nonprofits called the Johnson...

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10 Goals for Daring Greatly in the Social Sector

Watching the earth come to life again in the spring reminds us of the sense of renewal this season brings and emboldens us as we face the future. In the social sector, spring kicks off a new season as well – one of strategic planning. Like new growth, strategic plans...

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Minding the Gap with Dashboards

We love sharing good deeds like a great one we saw in February when good Samaritans came to the aid of a 3-year-old girl in China who fell in the gap when boarding a train. The girl ultimately was fine thanks to the dozen or so commuters on the platform rushing to her...

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How to Land the Big Fish: Try a Prospectus

We got a great email from a reader that I thought I’d share. “Dear Suzanne – we are working with a big-fish entrepreneur and instead of a grant, she is asking us for a prospectus. We have researched this term and don’t see how to applies it to our nonprofit. Can you...

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Quiz: Is Your Organization Resilient?

When I was growing up in rural Texas, my favorite tree was a tall willow in the backyard. I loved to climb it and spend hours reading in its branches. But, I also loved to watch it sway in the wind, especially during a wild Texas thunderstorm. It never mattered how...

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