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How to Diagnose Nonprofit Growing Pains

As another year comes to a close and we explore possibilities for the next, many executives and board members reflect on the state of their organizations. I was recently asked by a client about the best way to diagnose where her organization is to help determine where...

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The Activity Trap

In our office, one of our favorite, well-worn books is The Time Trap by R. Alec Mackenzie. We use it as a skill-building tool on time management, but also as a touchstone to remind us to use our time wisely. As Mackenzie notes, “each of us already has all the time...

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5 Truths about Solving Social Issues

There have been rumors lurking in the corners of social entrepreneurship gatherings. I heard them whispered: “There are investors who want to pursue impact investing and social impact bonds, but we don’t have the right deal flow.” We didn’t know for sure – until now....

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Mastering 3Q, or What Would Peter Drucker Say?

In 2002, I attended the Drucker Institute’s annual conference. Based on an impromptu speech I gave during one of the workshops, I was selected to meet with Peter Drucker himself. He was a legend, and I never expected to have a real audience with him. I was content...

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