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Place is the Word: Innovative Placemaking

“Place is the word.” Since it is #throwbackthursday, we thought we’d modify a phrase from the movie “Grease” and talk about a trend that we have seen on the rise over the past two years – place. It’s popping up not just at community and economic...

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Are Nonprofits in the Customer Service Business?

We have all experienced bad customer service. Now with Twitter, we witness our friends’ bad customer service experiences, too. Frustrating and infuriating for the customer, bad customer service can also ruin a brand. And, unfortunately, it isn’t unique to...

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Lean Startup for Nonprofits

I was struck, but not surprised, when I heard the authors of Moneyball for Government note, “Less than $1 out of every $100 spent by government is backed by even the most basic evidence that the money is being spent wisely.” This reminds me of Albert Einstein’s quote:...

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Celebrating a Sweet New Year & Jewish Innovators

  On Monday, Jews the world over celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Observers of the holiday participate in a tradition of eating apples dipped in honey and wish each other not just a happy, but a “sweet” new year. Interestingly, honey is...

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5 Tips for Taming Email Clutter

When I grew up, we had a party line phone, and it was expensive to call people. So, you had to really think about what you wanted to say and be as concise as possible. Fast forward to today – calls, texts and emails are free. With that freedom, something has gotten...

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Help Your Team Take Flight with Tips from Southwest

This month, we have noticed a common trend among our clients: many want to work on unifying their team. It makes sense – social sector organizations need strong teams to take on tough projects, management teams to lead programs and organizations and willing team...

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