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“It has been a true pleasure working with Social Impact Architects. They challenged us to look at our program through the perspective of a prospective investor. With her guidance and coaching, Suzanne worked with our team on refining the language used to describe our program. The result was a clear and succinct message that gave us a simple and effective way to communicate with potential donors. Suzanne is a good listener and a good coach - articulate, sharp, and knowledgeable - and we are grateful for the counsel that Social Impact Architects has provided to Rainbow Days.”

- Cathey Brown, CEO
Rainbow Days

Stories are the universal language among humans.

The good news is that social sector organizations have great stories to share – if you learn how to tell them in the right way. Social Impact Architects works with social sector organizations to develop succinct, compelling messages that convey your results and speak to your stakeholders’ interests. We utilize a variety of tools to provide a holistic picture of the impact you have including anecdotes, internal/external data analysis, and social return on investment analysis.

Suzanne Smith, Managing Director at Social Impact Architects, was recently interviewed by Socialbrite about why cause storytelling works and how to effectively tell the story of a nonprofit organization.

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