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Falling in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution

Valentine’s Day always offers a little glimmer of hope that the worst of winter is behind us and spring is on its way. When the tulips and irises start blooming in the spring, it feels like a fresh start. We’re lucky enough to get these windows of inspiration a few...

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Quiz: Is Your Organization Resilient?

When I was growing up in rural Texas, my favorite tree was a tall willow in the backyard. I loved to climb it and spend hours reading in its branches. But, I also loved to watch it sway in the wind, especially during a wild Texas thunderstorm. It never mattered how...

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Holiday Hustle: Top 5 TrendSpotter Favorites of 2018

The end of the year is always a special time for rejuvenation and reflection. This past year my favorite word has been “reimagine.” The word itself lulls me into both a state of reflection as well as thoughtful action. It allows you to hold up a mirror to yourself as...

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