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Rising Above Politics in the Trump Era

Fights on the floor of the state legislatures. Elections focused less on the issues plaguing our towns and more on dirty politics. A must-watch reality show in Washington D.C. around whom is the biggest liar. These are not scenes from the latest good vs. evil epic...

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Top Questions on Business Planning

One of my favorite cartoons is from Tom Fishburne’s “Brand Camp” – it does a great job of illustrating our inner monologue as we consider a new venture. I tell my students that successful entrepreneurship is half about skill – what you know and do – and half about...

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Making Smart Decisions

Sometimes when you meet someone, you just click. Last year, while teaching for the Executive Nonprofit Management certificate program at Duke University, I met Amy Gearhart, a student in my class. She had recently made a career shift. After serving 30 years as a...

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A New Mash-Up for the Social Sector: Coopetition

Every social sector conference this spring will feature sessions on collective impact, collaboration and system building. These concepts signify an important shift in the social sector – one toward advancing the cause through a network mindset. But, we have also...

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Can Nonprofits Lobby? The Answer is YES!

Shortly before Congress left for Easter/Passover recess, 4,500 charitable nonprofits, including religious institutions, and foundations came together to stand against new legislation that could destroy the nonpartisan nature of charitable nonprofits called the Johnson...

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