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Mastering 3Q, or What Would Peter Drucker Say?

In 2002, I attended the Drucker Institute’s annual conference. Based on an impromptu speech I gave during one of the workshops, I was selected to meet with Peter Drucker himself. He was a legend, and I never expected to have a real audience with him. I was content...

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Social TrendSpotter’s Summer Superlatives

Summer is such a great time of year – the sunshine brings lighter spirits, every weekend welcomes a backyard BBQ and all sorts of fun outdoor activities abound. With Fourth of July celebrations in full swing this week, we thought we’d set a firework display of our own...

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Free Stuff for Nonprofits

For many nonprofits the summer months can be glorious – warm weather brings a boost in morale; a new fiscal year begins; donors go on vacation; and with a little downtime we find a glimmer of hope to tackle a few projects on our to-do list. Not surprisingly, because...

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Rising Above Politics in the Trump Era

Fights on the floor of the state legislatures. Elections focused less on the issues plaguing our towns and more on dirty politics. A must-watch reality show in Washington D.C. around whom is the biggest liar. These are not scenes from the latest good vs. evil epic...

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