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6 Resolutions to Rise Strong in the Social Sector

I have been thinking a lot lately about the factors that help those of us in the social sector overcome the obstacles that inevitably confront us on our path toward positive change. Some of the greatest lessons I have read on the subject have come from Rising Strong,...

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Hot Topics in the Social Sector, Podcast-style

Podcasts are all the rage. According to an annual survey by Infinite Dial, last year 1 in 4 people listened to them. Now, that number has risen to 1 in 3! A few people have asked me to start a podcast, and I strongly considered doing so. But, I have since realized it...

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The Five C’s of an Effective Policymaker Meeting

Spring has sprung! We are not only enjoying the weather, but we are also heading to city halls, state capitals and Washington, D.C., to advocate for those we serve. Advocacy isn’t something that comes easily to everyone. I come from a long line of unsung heroes who...

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