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The Social Sector’s F-Word – Failure

Yes – I said it: failure is the social sector’s F-word. We don’t talk about it or learn from it. It has become the word that is holding us back from greater success. I never realized how strange this was until I went to business school and failure was considered a...

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How eHarmony Can Help Us Find the Right Employees

When it comes to hiring employees, the social sector can take a cue from the dating website, eHarmony. eHarmony connects people looking for long-term relationships and matches them based on dimensions of compatibility. In making a commitment to long-term...

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Tools for Creating a Championship Nonprofit Board

My favorite time of year in Texas is almost here – fall and the arrival of the Texas State Fair. During the State Fair, we have all things Texas – deep fried treats, cooking competitions and carnival rides. We also have rodeo shows where cowboys and cowgirls are...

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He Said, She Said: Top Sources of Board-CEO Conflict

In my experience, one of the most persistent challenges facing nonprofits is board-CEO alignment. Whether rooted in personality conflicts or communication breakdowns, problems arising between nonprofit boards and CEOs are all too common. The board-CEO relationship and...

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