While we love in-person trainings, we also equally enjoy hosting webinars because it allows us to connect with people all over the country safely. Using best practices we ensure that our webinars are informative, engaging and action-packed with tools and takeaways. We cover a range of topics – from strategic planning and governance to social innovation – and customize to meet the needs of the community and client.

The following are webinars we have conducted for communities and associations – we are excited that these organizations have allowed us to share them widely with our Social TrendSpotters. The videos, slides and materials are all included below. If you have any additional questions after watching, please send them along.

Social Impact as a Cultural Norm


Learn how to go beyond data to adopt social impact as a cultural norm. In this webinar, Suzanne Smith unlocks the secrets behind social impact, how to become a “data detective” and how to use tools like logic models and evaluations plans to help you build a high-impact, high-performing organization.

Nonprofit Megatrends


Is your organization ready for the seismic shifts ahead? Learn more in this webinar, where we cover nonprofit megatrends, particularly trends in the economy and technology as well as the predicted impact of the generational wealth transfer. We discuss:
  • How economic trends will influence your fundraising, day-to-day operations and bottom line;
  • How technology will change the way you interact with your donors and staff;
  • How the generational wealth transfer will impact the workplace, communication needs and your strategic vision;
  • And, how to create a culture of belonging that attracts and retains top talent while combating burnout.

Happily Ever After: Telling Your Unique Story as a Nonprofit

On average, people are bombarded by 6,000 media and marketing messages every day. For nonprofits to compete, they must leverage their greatest asset – the power of storytelling. Whether it is a polar bear illustrating the importance of saving the environment or people sharing their lives on YouTube, everyone responds to a story.

In this workshop, we share best practices on how you can get your story heard. We begin by explaining why storytelling works and how marketers use it effectively. Then we share proven strategies, tools and templates to evaluate your existing marketing efforts, construct stories that “stick” and build a storytelling culture in your nonprofit.

Social Entrepreneurship for Nonprofits


Social entrepreneurship started three decades ago with a simple question: are we making enough of a difference?  That question has led to the start of a whole new way of doing good. In this webinar, we explore social entrepreneurship as a means to a more impactful social change by bringing clarity to common terms and delving into the social entrepreneurial mindset. 


Governance | Keys to Success for Nonprofit Boards

In this workshop designed as a 5-part series with and for Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, we cover everything you need to know about good governance. We share shifts in governance related to COVID-19 and how to build an action plan during uncertain times. We know that board members serve nonprofits for the mission, but they stay because they enjoy the work. So, we also share tips and tricks on board recruitment and board engagement to ensure that you build a productive board. If you’re concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on your board, this webinar will give you actionable ideas to keep your board engaged.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Succession Planning & Executive Transitions

Changes in organizational leadership can bring both tremendous opportunities and challenges. Many founders or long-time leaders struggle with the decision to leave, with worries about their legacy and the organization’s future. For board members, identifying the qualities they need in a new leader and managing the search can be daunting. Every organization eventually has to confront the decision of how to change leadership, and thoughtful planning can ease that transition, whether it’s in six months or five years.

In this webinar we present best practices for succession planning. Whether you are working toward an impending leadership change or simply planning for the future, these recommendations will help you outline your path forward to best support outgoing and incoming leaders as well as staff working through the transition.

Strategy & Impact | How to Level Up Your Nonprofit Through Strategic Planning and Impact Measurement

In this workshop designed as a 5-part series with and for Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, we cover a broad range of topics related to nonprofit strategy and impact management. We share shifts in strategy and planning related to COVID-19 and how to build an action plan during uncertain times. We also demystify many buzzwords in the nonprofit sector, including social innovation-social enterprise-social entrepreneurship, sustainability, value proposition, collaboration and many others. If you are looking for a refresher on nonprofit strategy, this webinar is for you.

Five Ways to Show Love to Nonprofit Donors and Volunteers


In this webinar, we highlight how to show love to all your fans, including volunteers, donors and other stakeholders. We have an energetic discussion and panel led by some of our favorite consultant partners – Tawnia Wise of Wise Resource Development and Aimee Sheahan of Sheahan Communications. This webinar will help you walk away with surprising ideas to thank your volunteers and stakeholders.

Culture 101 & Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Culture

entrepreneurial culture 581x387

In this webinar, we cover background on the importance of organizational culture and how to uncover your organization’s unique culture. We also share how key entrepreneurial concepts and skills can be applied to nonprofit organizations to make them more sustainable and successful. In addition, we discuss the basic elements of an entrepreneurial mindset that offer a practical framework for entrepreneurial activities. This webinar is sure to prompt some great thinking on how to strengthen your organization’s culture.

Nonprofit Trends & Actions for 2021


With the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our economy and public health, nonprofits have had to shift quickly to answer the call of their communities. To better understand those challenges and prepare for what lies ahead, we conducted a survey on the top trends in 2021 with a team of cross-disciplinary nonprofit experts and captured nonprofit leaders’ thoughts on revenue, innovation, technology and digital priorities for the year.

In this webinar, we share the survey results on the top trends in 2021, plus tips from our panel of nonprofit financial, social innovation, fundraising and digital marketing experts on actions to take in 2021. Launching a new strategic plan? This is the webinar for you!

What’s in A Name?: Cracking the Code on Buzzwords in the Social Sector


In the social sector, we frequently use terms like collaboration, impact and sustainability, often without a shared understanding of their true meanings or applications. This webinar delves into the importance of a common language for achieving our collective vision. As designers of social impact, we must be clear and intentional in our efforts to generate the greatest impact. Featuring insights from our collaboration with aha! Process Inc., we decode essential social sector buzzwords and provide strategies to enhance your organization’s effectiveness. Join us in refining our collective vocabulary to drive meaningful social change. Watch the webinar, review the slides and share these insights with your team to accelerate the impact in your communities.

Collaboration as THE Key to

entrepreneurial culture 581x387

Whether you call it a collaboration, a coalition, or collective impact, this webinar will share tips and templates to ensure your collaborative work is productive, including how to best structure meetings, build trust using charters and ground rules, and measure your existing collaborative efforts. We’ll also discuss how to take your collaborative efforts to the next level through honest conversations on building trust, creating meaningful value for all partners, and managing conflict and power structures. Make your collaboration a success with this webinar.

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