Feasibility Studies

Failing early and cheaply can save you time and resources. With only 20% of ideas being viable, opportunity assessments and feasibility studies can help you make informed decisions before committing to a new venture or program. Making go/no-go decisions can be challenging, so we begin by identifying what matters most to your social sector organization (e.g., return on investment, impact, ease of operations). Once we establish your key priorities, we conduct a high-level analysis of the market, competition, impact and organizational fit. With clear decision criteria, determining the feasibility of an idea or venture becomes straightforward.


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Avoid mission creep, donor confusion and staff burnout by following our four-step process to evaluate potential programs or social enterprises. Completing an opportunity assessment helps nonprofits determine which ideas are viable for further investment.


Make better bets in the social sector with feasibility assessments. Using market research and data, these assessments can make decision-making more objective and help ensure the success of your next program or venture.


Streamline your nonprofit’s program design with Lean Startup. Follow our six-step process to pressure-test new ideas and make informed decisions that help your nonprofit innovate, create impact and become more sustainable.


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