Everyone is sharing their predictions for 2013, but our path isn’t pre-determined. Instead, our team got together and came up with the following list of resolutions – a path we hope the social sector will take:

1. Collective Advocacy: Sometimes the greatest impact is through advocacy. We hope that the social sector will unite (even after the fiscal cliff) and stand up for their collective interests and for those they serve. Learn More

2. Impact Through Insights: Collecting data is not the answer. We hope that the social sector will push beyond data and collect only what is needed to produce true insights on their journey toward impact. Learn More

3. Failure IS an Option: There is a great quote – “success has many fathers; failure is an orphan.” The social sector isn’t just selling widgets; we are solving difficult social problems. Our fear of failing is holding us back. To eventually succeed, we have to first admit our failures and then learn from them. Learn More

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