School is out, graduation has come and gone, and summer has officially begun! Growing up, one of my summer traditions was to take out my school yearbook, read all the notes from friends and teachers, and reflect on the year through photos. It was also fun to look through the superlatives – Most Likely to Succeed, Class Clown, Nicest Smile – and gossip with friends on who we each felt should have won the category. We hope you’ll indulge in some of Social TrendSpotter’s summer superlatives, share some of your own and take time this Fourth of July to reflect, recharge and forge ahead:

Most Popular Blog:
The Collaboration Commandments

Most Popular Tweet:
Social TrendSpotter @socialtrendspot
Is this the Era of the Mayor?

Most Watched Video:
On Becoming Social GameChangers

Blog Series Most Likely to Help You Succeed: 2-part Series
Part 1 – Business Pitches
Part 2 – The Prospectus

Quirkiest Blog: 
Marketing Tip from Your Toothbrush

Most Asked About Blog:
The Simple Math of Volunteer Stewardship
Your questions answered: As many of you read, Brandi Tanaka, senior consultant at Social Impact Architects, donated peripheral blood stem cells to a woman with leukemia in March this year, and since then, many Social TrendSpotters have asked how the patient is doing. We are happy to report that she is doing well – she was discharged from the hospital, and Brandi’s cells have begun to grow in her body, which is what the doctors hoped would happen. The patient is still at risk of rejection and infection, but we remain optimistic that she’ll get stronger everyday.

Most Fascinating New Personality Survey:
Fascination Advantage
We love the insights we glean from personality surveys. The new Fascination Advantage survey gives you a glimpse of how the world sees you and your strongest communication styles.

Share your favorite blog this year with us and what superlative you’d give it! Have a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend, and check in with us next week for a look at the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

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