In today’s fluid social sector environment, we cannot afford to sit still. Keeping your skills honed and current can make the difference between evolution or obsolescence. When we started Social TrendSpotter in January 2013, we endeavored to merge current thinking with the edge of innovation to inspire, to encourage, to educate, and – ultimately – to create a better social sector. Our blog newsletter and online tweets/postings keep on top of the latest knowledge and trends and help all of us absorb ideas and techniques that you can apply today.

So, on the same day as our country’s birthday, we also celebrate our 6-month birthday with our greatest hits from our blog newsletter and our social media platform, just in case you missed them:

Favorite Reader Comment:
“Well done! Concise topics and a brief informative approach that helps jog your thinking about how you’re doing things in your organization.” – Andy McCreanor, Executive Service Corps of Greater Cincinnati

Favorite Series:
Impact Measurement – Series of 3 Blog Articles in April
1 – Theory of Change
2 – Measure What Matters
3 – Right-Sized Evaluation Planning

Favorite Blog Newsletter:
Fail Early, Fail Cheaply – Feasibility Assessments

Favorite TrendSpotter:
Bill Knudsen, CEO – Ability Connection Texas

Favorite Facebook Post:
“New #payforsuccess Learning Hub Resource” – latest blog: Social Impact Bonds

Favorite LinkedIn Post:
“Seek open collaboration: discuss goals candidly, consolidate wins, & share credit.” – From Social Impact Exchange panel

Favorite Tweet:
“Social genius is 20% innovation and 80% impact” – latest blog: Innovation is OUT, Impact is IN

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Please keep sending us trends so we can cover them in the future and maybe in December you’ll be our Favorite TrendSpotter!

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