Patriotic DogIs it really July? Somehow 2020 has simultaneously moved fast, but also very slow. It is a strange paradox of living during a pandemic – every day is never-ending, yet the days fly by. In fact, there is a study of this phenomenon – chronemics or the study of the role of time in communications. Expert Dawna Ballard of my alma mater, The University of Texas at Austin, says that we feel different because we are navigating new ways to do old tasks. For example, we need to think about Zooming rather than attending an in-person meeting. Because we have had to change our routines, we are navigating more with same number of hours in the day. It feels as though we are living in the movie Groundhog Day.

To that end, just in case this new reality had you distracted and you missed one of our blogs, we wanted to share our Social TrendSpotters’ top blog posts in our annual Summer Superlatives:

Hottest Topic:
This winner is no surprise. We covered COVID-19 and its implications on our “new normal” every week for more than two months. We even launched a Coronavirus Resource Center for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs, which includes the latest thinking and ideas, including up-to-date legislative details, helpful hints, free resources, and donor and fundraising trends. We encourage you to check it out by clicking the link above.

Most Popular Blog:
Etiquette for Effective and Enjoyable Online Meetings
Don’t miss out on this action-packed blog on the do’s and don’ts of online meetings – it was so popular it led to several online presentations, including one for the Federal Reserve, in which we presented additional tips and hosted a live Q&A. If you want more ideas for hosting effective online meetings in your organization, let us know – we are happy to do a Zoom presentation.

Most Popular Guest Blog Post:
Security Q&A with James Savage
What is not to like about having a former Secret Service agent share his insights on keeping nonprofits safe and secure? I learned more than I expected, and you will. too. This is definitely one to forward to your board and leadership team.

Best Blog for Your Summer Beach Reading/Listening List:
Changemaker Top 10 Playlist
I am a BIG believer in working hard and playing hard – this playlist (which you can download on Spotify) is my new go-to when I want energetic music that is perfect for the times we live in. Check it out and prepare to be inspired.

Most Likely to Succeed – #WayBackWeekend Blog:
Advancing Equity as a Core Value of the Social Sector
With racial equity finally getting the attention it deserves, we hope to keep the momentum going. This blog from 2015 is a great refresher on how to integrate equity as a core value in your social sector organization.

Favorite TrendSpotter:
Tawnia Wise & her team at Wise Resource Development 
We have partnered with Wise Resource Development from the very beginning and have loved sharing their “wise” words with our TrendSpotters – check out their amazing guest blogs on all things fundraising: The Art and Science of Donor Engagement, 5 Tips for Corporate Sponsorship in the Face of COVID-19 and 7 Tips to Tap into CARES Act-Stimulated Charitable Giving.

Favorite Quote:
“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and love.”
~ Amit Ray

This is my daily meditation in 2020 as I navigate our “Groundhog Day” lifestyle. I work courageously every day to ensure that my blogs and client work is focused on this higher path that will, undoubtedly, lead us to higher ground.

Favorite Quote Pic:
7 Actions Nonprofits Can Take to Be Anti-Racist Organizations

Actions to be Anti Racist Quote Pic

Anti Racism Quote Pic

Top Tweet:
Thinking about hiring an #intern for your #nonprofit this summer? To find the BEST, start the search NOW! Get strategies in our latest blog @internships @InternMatch @Monster

If you have an intern this summer, check out this blog post to ensure you give them a great summer experience. If you have great volunteers, check out this post to help keep them engaged this summer. 

Most Talked About Video:
I was inspired to create an e-learning platform for the social sector three years ago after I learned that a nonprofit CEO traveled three hours to see my presentation in Cincinnati. I knew there had to be a better way to give access to high-quality content to everyone in the social sector – no matter where they lived. To me, this was the ultimate equity question for the sector. Out of that revelation came my eighth start-up, Changemaker Interactive. Moving beyond hour-long videos and boring webinars, we unlocked a way to gamify learning and provide it at an economical price. We launched last year and have had so much great feedback on the experience. This summer, we are offering it to TrendSpotters for $99 – with the code SPARK100. Check it out! We also have a group version – send me an email if you would like more information. 

Favorite Reader Comment: 
“I love reading Suzanne’s blog because not only is she a fountain of expert knowledge, but you can also sense her passion for open sharing and community development. The Social Impact Architect blogs are a must for anyone wanting to bring about meaningful, compassionate and effective social change.” – David Bloxham, Compassionate Troublemaking 

It is our privilege to come to your inbox every Thursday with new and engaging content that saves you time and energy. We hope our posts help propel us all forward on our collective mission to create a better, more equitable world. If you enjoy our work, please help us spread the word by forwarding this newsletter to your colleagues and follow us on social media. We curate trends just for you every day on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram. This 4th of July we hope you take a moment to reflect and rejuvenate.


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