eLearning smallWe have two types of clients right now. Frontline superheroes who are barely making it – those in healthcare and those who are ensuring that basic needs are met. I check on them daily and pray for them nightly.

But, many of our clients are quarantined and are settling into a “new normal” with at least 2-4 weeks of working from home. They are already sharing stories of “cabin fever,” so we have planned many blogs for this “new normal” in April, including a fun one suggested by a client: Top 10 Ways to Make the Best Use of Nonprofit Downtime (please send us your ideas in the comments field at the bottom of this page!).

Today, we want to focus on learning and growth. Did you know that Shakespeare wrote King Lear and Macbeth under quarantine when the plague shut down the city of London? Now is the time to dust off your learning to-do list and take a class or learn a new skill that will enhance your future efforts.

We have heavily invested in all forms of learning and wanted to share some of our greatest hits:

  • Storytelling: Going Beyond the Cause – We believe all learning is moving online, which is why we launched Changemaker Interactive in 2017. But, we found most online learning is boring and basic. So, we worked really hard to marry high-quality learning with gamification. Try out this new form of learning through our Storytelling Course – we are selling it at-cost for $19 using the code LEMONADE.
  • Everyone Can Be a Changemaker – Now more than ever, we are looking for ways to make a difference in the world. My TEDx speech is great for all audiences to consider how they uniquely want to make a difference. Consider showing it to your children studying from home and ask them to consider ways they can be changemakers this month.
  • Collaboration – Thanks to the generous support of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, we have taken our collaboration course and turned it into a webinar. Find out why all collaboration is NOT equal and how you can bounce back from COVID-19 as a better partner (personally and professionally!).
  • Leadership & Other Hot Topics – I’m a big fan of podcasts, so I was excited to be invited to talk on Michael Clements’ show, “Manufacturing Leadership.” A millennial leader at Energy Weldfab, Michael had a diverse range of questions about nonprofits, leadership, culture and more.
  • Life Lessons – I often use my blog to discuss professional ideas, but I also spend a lot of my time thinking deeply about personal ideas, such as self-care, purpose and the meaning of community. If you want some inspirational thinking, check out this great discussion with my good friend, Brett Cowell, on “Total Life Complete.”
  • Vimeo – Feel free to check out our Vimeo site for other interviews, speeches and lifehacks.


As I say in my “Life Lessons” podcast, “There’s a bigger picture that we’re fighting toward, which is about creating light for everybody.” I love working in the social sector alongside other “light workers.” Let’s use this downtime to be a source of light by helping others and making our light stronger through learning. And, when we emerge from our quarantine, we will be ready to leverage our situation to create masterpieces.


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