The end of the year is always a special time for many social sector organizations. Not only do we have the chance to celebrate with clients and their families over the holidays, but we also enjoy the magic of the season. This warm holiday glow is often accompanied by hurriedness and hustle over event planning, gift giving and year-end appeals. To help you cherish these final days of 2016 and ease any lingering organizational worries, we’ve prepared a list of this year’s TrendSpotter favorites.

In 2016, Social TrendSpotters tweeted the most about the word of the year – change – and your favorite posts of the year were focused on the social sector and organizational change. We hope this retrospective helps you reflect as you prepare for 2017.

#1 Mastering 3Q, Or What Would Peter Drucker Say?
Our greatest leaders are the ones who don’t have all the answers, but ask the right questions, connect with the people around them, adjust their style to the audience and inspire others toward a future vision. This is especially true in the social sector. In this blog, we shared new thinking about personal mastery and the integrated approach to 3Q – IQ, EQ and the newest measurement, SQ.

#2 4 Elements of Entrepreneurial Culture and How to Incorporate Them into the Social Sector
You often hear people say that nonprofits should be more like businesses. When they say this, they really mean that nonprofits should be more entrepreneurial. In this blog, we expand on four elements of entrepreneurial culture – openness, adaptability, results and rewards, and being a learning organization. We also give practical examples to assess your organization’s culture.

#3 Capitalism is Getting a Facelift – For GoodBusinesses are awakening to the value of “doing good.” If we act as one team to fight for our causes, we can create a new paradigm where people and planet can co-exist with profits. In this blog, find out why this “movement to the middle” is happening and what social sector organizations can do to shape their corporate strategy.

#4 5 Truths to Solving Social IssuesAs we see the dividing line between the social sector and business blur, it is becoming more popular to be called a “social entrepreneur.” But, what does this really mean for nonprofits? In this blog, we present a checklist for all social architects to follow now and in the future.

#5 Are You Elevator Ready? The 6Cs for a Dynamite Nonprofit Pitch“Tell me what you do?” No question is harder to answer or as critical to your success. In this blog, we break down the dreaded elevator pitch and share our 6Cs to help you craft a dynamite elevator pitch for 2017.

We hope you enjoy this look back into Social TrendSpotter favorites of the year. If you have been inspired, we would love for you to share them through Twitter or Facebook and feel free to forward this blog to friends and colleagues. We also hope you’ll share your thoughts on your favorite posts with us.


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